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» Advanced Recycling Facility

About Us

ARF is a subsidiary company under Sintmond Group Limited.

ARF’s main objective is to enhance environmental conservation through safe, modern, reliable, efficient disposal and recycling of incandescent and energy saving bulbs (CFL’s).

Our Projects

ARF has partnered with Kenya Power to safely dispose bulbs, both incandescent and CFLs, in a manner that is approved by NEMA, and most of all safe to both humans and environment.

The project was initiated two years ago when Kenya Power exchanged 1,500,000 CFLs with incandescent bulbs as a way of reducing power demand in the country (compact fluorescent lamps consume less energy than the ordinary incandescent bulbs)

Kenya Power distributed the bulbs were nationally and was able to ease about 40MW of power demand through the exercise.

The overarching mandate of this project is defined in the Kyoto Protocol (IPCC, 2007) under Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) - one of the flexibility mechanisms that provides for emissions reduction projects. CDM projects generate Certified Emission Reduction units which may be traded in emissions trading schemes.

Did You Know?

Many types of light bulbs contain metals and toxic chemicals such as mercury and Led Oxide. It is therefore important that they should be properly disposed of to avoid contaminating the environment or harming human health.

According to the Association of Lighting and Mercury Recyclers, 98% of CFLs are thrown in the landfills. This can cause the accumulation of mercury in the landfill sites, which can eventually escape into the soil and water bodies.